Whirley-pop and Kettle Corn!

I wanted to share with you two of my favorite things ever!  My Whirley-pop popcorn popper and the kettle corn that it makes!
This is one of my favorite kitchen products ever and one of the most used at my house.  My sister-in-law Annelisa told me about it a couple of years ago.  I gave some away for Christmas gifts that year having never even tried one for myself.  Luckily, my parents loved theirs so much that they gave me one for my next birthday.  I even blogged about it (here).

I've given quite a few away as gifts over the years.  (Soon everyone on my husband's side of the family will have one -- everyone in my family has one already.)

I make a batch of kettle corn at least twice a week (sometimes more).  It's perfect for snack time when we have little guests over.  And it's great for munching on while watching a movie.

photo from here
You can make regular popcorn in the Whirley-pop, but we always make kettle corn instead.  I add a little oil and sugar and it makes a crunchy, munchy, sweet/salty snack with a lot less

Kettle Corn 

a little less than 1/2 c. popcorn kernels
1/8 c. sugar
1 - 2 T. oil (I never measure, I just pour a little)

Pour oil, sugar, and popcorn kernels into Whirley-pop on the stove over med high/med heat.  And stir, stir, stir while it heats up and the kernels pop.  Three minutes later all the kernels should be popped.  Pour into a bowl and lightly salt.  Enjoy!