Week 127 Menu

Here's my menu for this week.  It's Spring Break for my kids, so maybe we'll stray from the menu and make what the kids want.  Happy Spring Break!

Monday:  chicken alfredo pizza

Tuesday:  breakfast burritos

Wednesday:  bistro chicken

Thursday:  tacos

Friday: Mexi Chicken Campanelle

Saturday: Amazing Chili's Fajitas

Sunday:  grilled steak, potatoes, etc.



  1. Monday: White Chicken Chili
    Tuesday: Frittata w/hashbrowns
    Wednesday: Chicken-Broccoli-Quinoa Casserole (never made quinoa before, so we'll see...)
    Thursday; Sausage Tortellinni Soup
    Friday: Pizza
    Saturday: New Mexican Green Chili Pork Stew
    Sunday: San Fran Pork Chops (what you posted!)


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