Week 121 Menu

Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!  My hubby and I celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday by going to see Wicked.  It was the perfect date!  I loved it.  

I try to focus Valentine's Day more towards my kids, so tomorrow we'll have lots of heart shaped food.  We get to feed the missionaries dinner tomorrow, so I decided to forgo the heart-shaped pizza that I'd planned and make something more hearty.  (ha, ha, hearty!)

Anyway...here's my menu for this week.

Monday:  Happy Valentine's Day -- feeding the missionaries, cafe rio pork salad or tacos

Tuesday:  minestrone soup, artisan bread

Wednesday:  roast, potatoes, etc.

Thursday: french dip sandwiches

Friday:  leftover roast

Saturday: easy night

Sunday:  breakfast

What are you making this Valentine-y week?  Have a good one and don't forget to share your menus.


  1. monday: vaughn is on tap while we go on a date!!
    tuesday: chicken broccoli with mushrooms
    wednesday: hamburgers
    thursday: orange scented beef and broccoli from prudence pennywise
    friday: coconut and panko chickden and salad
    saturday: easy
    sunday: crock-pot country chicken
    (didn't make it last week.)

  2. ps jenny i use your blog for recipes almost everyday. i think you do a really good job. made chocolate bundt cake today. it was awesome kids LOVED it. i make cloud rolls alot and i want to try korean fire meat soon. do you care if i blurb about it on my blog?


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