Week 119 Menu

Before I post my menu for the week, I want to share with you one of my favorite things to buy at Sam's Club.  It is this huge tub of...

GREEN CHILE!  We've lived in New Mexico for four years now, when we moved here I bought the little 4 oz cans of green chili.  About a year ago I started buying green chile frozen in 16 oz containers from at Smith's.  Then I noticed that they sell 56 oz containers at Sam's Club!

I defrost the chili enough to break it apart, separate it into ice cube containers, refreeze, then break into cubes and store in the freezer in a ziploc bag.  Whenever I need green chili for salsa, enchiladas, etc. I grab a couple of cubes and defrost.  Someday I want to buy a 10 lb bag of chilies in the fall and freeze them.  I love the smell of roasted green chilies...  I'm making myself crave a green chili bagel.

All right, enough of the chilies (did you notice I can't decide how to spell chile/chili?).  Now onto my menu for the week:

Monday: grilled chicken wrap w/tomatillo sauce (from my Jan edition of Everyday Food)

Tuesday: broccoli cheese soup, 5 minute artisan bread

Wednesday:  pizza using 5 minute artisan pizza dough

Thursday: crockpot chicken stroganoff w/whole wheat egg noodles

Friday:  meatball sandwiches

Saturday: easy night, or tacos

Sunday: white chili

All right, that's what I'm making.  What's on your menu this week?  Maybe you're not having Mexican food for half of your week like I am.  Can you tell I need some more menu ideas?  Have a good week!


  1. Ooh, thanks for the tips on the green chile! I just bought some a couple weeks ago, a block of frozen stuff at Wal-Mart here in Colorado ... I am finally graduating from the 7oz cans (don't tell my brother Alex!) (Oh, and yeah, I found your blog through my very-awesome sister-in-law -- Julia).

    Anyway, it was way more economical than those tiny cans, but I had no idea how to get the stuff into manageable chunks! I thought about it for awhile (even tried Googling but to no avail!) and came up with just about the exact same solution you described. YAY. I'm glad it works for you because that means it should work okay for me. It says all over my package how you should keep it frozen so I was worried.

    I have yet to plan a menu for this week because we are still eating our way out of last week's leftovers! Here's last week's menu:

    SUNDAY: zucchini casserole
    MONDAY: Cafe Rio-style salads
    TUESDAY: teriyaki stir fry
    WEDNESDAY: shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches
    THURSDAY: baked potato soup
    FRIDAY: regular ol' lunchmeat sandwiches (soccer night; too hard to do anything else!)
    SATURDAY: Southwest crockpot chicken wraps.

    You're welcome to poke around on my blog (beth.bethandnathan.com); my recipes are intermixed with all kinds of other posts.

    Sorry to leave a total novel of a comment my first time commenting!

  2. Green chiles are definitely something that i miss. They only have the lame canned ones out here.

  3. trisdan brought my mom a big jar of it from costco and we all gobbled it up! delish! so i'm starting my menu planning again!
    monday: breakfast, turkey sausage
    tuesday: asian pepper beef and rice
    wednesday: chicken noodle soup homemade bread
    thursday: cafe rio pork salad
    friday: coconut chicken and rice
    saturday: some fun new recipe....
    Sunday: crockpot country chicken

  4. I need to do that with green chile. I still use the lame, tiny cans. lol
    Monday: fish
    Tuesday: chupe de pollo con chipotle
    Wednesday: chicken pot pie
    Thursday: monte cristo club sandwiches
    Friday: pizza (might be philly cheesesteak calzones)
    Saturday: kids are making mac n cheese
    Sunday: pork chops


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