Week 118 Menu

All right, here's my menu for the week:

Monday:  chicken broccoli stovetop casserole

Tuesday:  rich and creamy pasta bake, 1 hour breadsticks

Wednesday:  broccoli cheese soup in bread bowls

Thursday: hamburgers or sloppy joes

Friday: grilled meat of some kind w/rice

Saturday: easy night

Sunday:  chicken tortellini soup or omelets

What are you making this week?  Have a good one!


  1. I made honey lime enchiladas last night and I'm looking forward to some bistro chicken tonight. Thanks for all the recipes! (And the motivation to plan ahead...)

  2. Dinners this week...
    bahama mama tortilla soup
    (this had a different flavor, but was very tasty)
    pasta faioli

    southwestern chicken lettuce wraps
    (maybe more as a salad?)

    chickpea and noodle soup

    philly cheesteak calzones

    sloppy joes or maybe monte cristo sandwiches?


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