Week 114 Menu

We got our first big snow storm of the year the other day.  It was just enough snow to make this snowman (which used up almost all the snow in our backyard).  I really enjoyed our weeks of abnormally warm weather (in the 50s), but I'm glad we have a little snow for Christmas.
Enough about the weather, now on to the food.  I think this week's worth of menus should last us two weeks since we have a lot of free time and can be more flexible. 

Monday:  french dip sandwiches, w/salad or salsa

Tuesday:  tacos

Wednesday:  teriyaki burgers (I pulled my grill out of the snow, so I can grill all winter now)

Thursday: meatballs of some kind

Friday: honey lime enchiladas

Saturday: BREAKFAST:  cinnamon rolls
   LUNCH: beef tenderloin, fettuccine alfredo (w/homemade sauce), breadsticks, veggies

Sunday: leftovers

That's what I'm making.  How about you?  Have a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Monday: ham & cheddar soup

    Tuesday: super nachos

    Wednesday: cranberry chicken

    Thursday: chili bean nacho skillet

    Friday: ham w/funeral potatoes & christmas 3-layer jello

    Saturday breakfast: waffles

    Saturday lunch/dinner: ham sandwiches/leftovers

    Sunday: beef stew

    Merry Christmas!!


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