Week 113 Menu

Dear Santa,

I would like a new Pyrex bowl. I ruined this one while attempting to make peanut brittle this week.

Just thought I'd share with you my letter to Santa after a horrible peanut brittle making accident. Okay, so it wasn't horrible, but I did break my bowl. I was making this delicious microwave peanut brittle recipe the other day. I did lots of things wrong.
  1. halved the recipe since I only had a tiny bit of corn syrup
  2. forgot to keep on eye on the cornsyrup/sugar mixture in the microwave and burned it
  3. put my really hot pyrex bowl in the sink
  4. turned the water on the bowl in the sink
The sound of the pyrex bowl popping and breaking was pretty cool. Next time I'll follow the directions and make the peanut brittle right and never pour water over a super hot bowl.
Anyway...I still really love my recipe for peanut brittle. It is super, duper easy and really yummy. I think I'll buy some more corn syrup and make it the right way.
That being said, here's my menu for the week:
Monday: making white chili for lunch, spaghetti for dinner
Tuesday: grilled chicken, whole grain rice a roni
Wednesday: bistro chicken
Thursday: salisbury steak
Friday: ward Christmas party
Saturday: turkey noodle soup
Sunday: tacos or crockpot roast and potatoes
That's what I'm making this week. How about you?