Thanksgiving Week (Menu 110)

I'm excited to plan my menus for this week.  We get to have family stay with us for Thanksgiving.  I love getting to be with family (and not having to travel anywhere).  We might have 20 people here this week if everyone ends up coming.  It'll be a full house (full of lots of yummy food too!). 

So here's what I'm planning.  There will be probably be some changes, but better to be overprepared than unprepared, right?

Monday: potato and leek soup

Tuesday: taco soup

Wednesday: ham, funeral potatoes, salad

Thursday: TURKEY (for the brine, I use Emeril's recipe found here.  To actually cook the turkey, I use Giada's recipe found here), stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, fabulous cloud light crescent rolls, red hot jello,  more yummy sides and of course PIE!

Friday: turkey noodle soup (it's our tradition to eat this soup like my hubby's grandma used to make after we cut down our Christmas tree -- not sure if we're going Christmas tree hunting with all our company here, but at least I know what to make for dinner)

Saturday: teriyaki burgers

Sunday: leftovers

All right, that's what I'm making this week.  How 'about you?  What are you making for Thanksgiving dinner?


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