Shutterfly Holiday

So, I know this is a food blog and this post is entirely not food related, but I've decided to do a little Shutterfly post today.  Since it's my blog and all....And I love Shutterfly.

In the past I've never sent out photo Christmas cards, but I love receiving them from other people.  Sometimes I save them after Christmas so we can look at them.  It's a great way to help my kids remember what our family and friends look like since we live far away from most of them.

Shutterfly has so many fabulous holiday cards.  It's hard to choose which one I like the best.  This year I'm going to join the holiday card sending club and mail my loved ones some great cards!

I love the new folded greeting cards.  I really like this one:
I thought it was perfect since I have three kids and there are three "o"s.  Super cute!

And I like this one.  Simple and classy. 

Hard to choose which one.  I love them both.  But if I have to choose, I'd have to pick the Seasonal Chic 2010 folded card.

I also LOVE their wall calendars.  They make perfect gifts.  I love all their cute backgrounds, like this one.

My friend, Julia, has some canvas wall art in her home.  I love it.  They'd make a fun, personalized gift too.  I should give my family some wall art this year.
I also just finished my first photo book from Shutterfly the other day.  I can't wait to get it in the mail.  It was so fun to make and easy too!

Check out to get some great holiday gifts this year.  Easy, fun, and personalized.

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