Pie Crust Cookies (the best part of making pie)

I really dislike making pie crust, but I do like making pie crust cookies out of the leftover dough.

I've been making these little "cookies" since I was really young.  My mom let me loose in the kitchen when I was three and I remember that I was trying to make pie crust cookies.  However, what I made were a few big, hard, round rocks of flour, water and some spice that my mom wanted to get rid of.  My mom was sweet to let me try to make them.  She even baked them for me. 

Pie Crust Cookies

Sprinkle leftover pie crust dough with cinnamon/sugar.  Bake until lightly brown.


  1. These are my favorites too! My mom always made this with the left over dough.

  2. Oh... I think its a legacy that we had Mom's that lets us play with the left over pie crust. I made sure my own kids had the same memory. They now recall that the cinnamon/sugar pie cookies are better than the actual pie!


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