Week 101 Menu

 Today I made my crockpot chicken stew for Sunday dinner (lunch) that cooked while we were at church.  I've made this "stew" for many, many years, ever since I was able to peel and cut carrots and potatoes.  I posted the recipe on my blog a few years ago, but just added a picture today.  It's super easy and very "Sunday Dinnerish".

Now onto my menu for the week:

Monday:  white chili

Tuesday: sweet and sour turkey meatballs w/rice

Wednesday: marinated, grilled chicken w/couscous

Thursday: pepperoni bread

Friday: chicken noodle soup w/homemade noodles

Saturday: easy night (General Relief Society Broadcast)

Sunday: BBQ beef strips w/rice

What's on your menu this week?


  1. I figured out my menu earlier today so I would be ready to share this evening. I have a lot of repeats from last week since I was sick most of the week.

    Monday: ham & cheese loaf

    Tuesday: Mexican casserole

    Wednesday: Cheesy Chicken sandwiches & homemade fries

    Thursday: beef stew

    Friday: Lasagna & 1-hr breadsticks

    Saturday: Going out with family

    Sunday: bistro chicken


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