Week 98 Menu

I'm finally getting into the swing of things with school having started a week and a half ago.  From now on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday meals are going to be either made in the crockpot or made ahead-stuck in the fridge-and ready to bake.  These are days when we have things scheduled right up until dinnertime.  Our days go a lot smoother after school if I plan ahead.  Preparation is everything during the school year!

Also, I'm trying to get my family to eat more fish.  I'm not a huge seafood fan, but I think it's good for all of us to eat it since it's good for you and I want my kids to like it.  I made homemade fish sticks last week and am making fish again this week.  Feel free to share what your family favorite fish dishes are.  I need all the good fish recipes I can get.  

 Monday: homemade pizza

Tuesday: Chicken Tetrazinni w/1 hour breadsticks

Wednesday: teriyaki burgers

Thursday: taco soup or white chili

Friday: broiled tilapia parmesan

Saturday: try Amazing Chilil's Fajitas

Sunday: Barbeque Beef Strips w/rice

Extra meals just in case I don't feel like making what I've planned:  orange chicken w/rice (thanks Meagan -- my kids love this!) or breakfast for dinner.

All right, that's what I've planned.  How 'bout you?  What's on your menu this week? Have a good one!