Grilled Chicken Cola Marinade

I saw this recipe on Real Mom Kitchen the other day and gave it a try last night. I really liked it. My husband prefers our tried-and-true chicken marinade, but this one is a little sweeter and something different.  The recipe calls for Coke or Pepsi, but I happened to have some Sprite on hand, so I used that instead.

Grilled Chicken Cola Marinade
recipe from Jamie Cooks it Up 

2  C (16 oz) Coke or Pepsi
1/3 C soy sauce
1 T minced garlic
1/2 C brown sugar
1 T balsamic vinegar
1 T lime juice
6 chicken breasts
1. Combine all ingredients but the chicken in a medium sized bowl. Stir to incorporate well.
2. Place chicken in a large gallon sized Ziploc bag. Pour marinade over the chicken. Seal tightly and store in the fridge for 4-24 hours.
3. Discard marinade and grill until cooked through.


  1. I'm moving in with my fiancé and I have no cooking skills whatsoever so you're a godsend! I shall follow you and see if I can pull off your recipes! :)

  2. Thanks for this!! We are trying it tonight! I am excited!!


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