Week 92 Menu and Birthday Cake

This week was my little guy's first birthday.  Time sure has flown by fast.  I made an easier cake this year, since the baby doesn't care what it looks like.  My older kids helped decorate it. 
The baby dug into the end of the cake while I cut the other end into pieces.  He couldn't wait for his own piece.

All right, now for my menu this week.  I have very little motivation to cook lately, but we've got to eat I guess, so I better plan something. :)

Monday: leftover marinated roast w/rice and steamed veggies

Tuesday: taco salad

Wednesday:  tatortot casserole

Thursday: softball night, picnic at the game -- maybe bagel sandwiches (green chili cheese bagels from Smith's are my favorite)

Friday: pork chops -- either grilled San Francisco pork chops w/rice, or crockpot pork chops w/potatoes

Saturday:  turkey meatloaf

Sunday: ground turkey stroganoff or maybe bistro chicken w/mashed potatoes

What's on your menu this week?