Week 90 Menu

Wow, this week is the 90th menu week!  That's a lot.  Can't wait until I have 100. :)

Menu planning during the summer is kind of tricky, since the weather is a big factor in what I make for dinner.  If it's nice and cool and rainy, I'm happy to bake something in the oven, but if it's hot, then I don't feel like cooking or eating anything besides Popsicles and watermelon.

Monday: spaghetti or chicken alfredo

Tuesday: Meagan's orange chicken recipe w/rice

Wednesday: softball night, so has to be something to take and eat at the field

Thursday: honey lime enchiladas, salad

Friday: tatortot casserole

Saturday: 4th of Julyish food -- maybe we'll just grill some hot dogs, I'm actually getting kind of tired of grilled chicken and hamburgers

Sunday:  crockpot roast, potatoes, etc. -- I know it's not very 4th of Julyish, but we're going to celebrate the 4th on Saturday.