Week 87 Menu

This week was officially the first week of summer break at our house.  It was busy with my family visiting, a trip to the zoo, basketball camp every morning, hikes and a few trips to the pool.  Yesterday was so hot that I decided that I'm not going to bake anything, iron anything or use the dryer until it cools down.  So, I guess that's not really practical, but I am going to try to grill more and use my oven less. 

I'd love to just have popsicles for dinner this week, but since my sister-in-law and her family will be in town, I guess I'd better plan something more  Here's my more summer-ish menu for the week:

Monday:  feeding the missionaries, maybe grilled chicken w/this marinade

Tuesday:  chicken tortilla salad or sesame chicken salad

Wednesday:  chicken salad in soft wrap bread

Thursday:  turkey sloppy joes

Friday:  orange chicken w/rice (Meagan's recipe -- yum!) or maybe porcupine meatballs

Saturday:  tinfoil dinners

Sunday: chicken stroganoff (maybe this week...)

All right, so that is a LOT of chicken, but oh well.  We'll see what happens.  If you've planned your menu this week, please share.  I need some more summer dinner ideas.  Have a good week!


  1. I love this blog Jenny! It gives me good ideas. I need to start planning more in advance. Usually I decide what I'm going to make a couple of hours before I make it. But today I know at least two things that we will have this week. Thursday when the missionaries come over we are having homemade tortillas with probably a shredded pork roast with mexican seasoning. And teriyaki kabobs with grilled pineapple. (I haven't decided if I'm going to use beef or chicken for the kabobs.)

  2. I only have part of my menu planned for this week, but here's what I have.

    Mon: BBQ chicken

    Tues: Fried Potatoes-didn't make them last week

    Wed: Steak Fajitas

    Thurs: Thai Chicken Stir Fry

    Fri: Dinner @ my mom's house

    Sat: eating out

    Sun: no idea!

    Ok, so I guess I have all the days planned except Sunday. That's pretty good I'd say.

  3. Okay. Shock and awe, I know. Anyway, here's the menu. Although...we already aren't doing Monday. Here's to the rest of the week!
    Monday: Taco Salad, fruit
    Tuesday: Stuffed Shells, Broccoli
    Wednesday: Chicken Salad Pitas, fruit
    Thursday: Leftovers
    Friday: Hamburgers, Potato Salad, fruit
    Saturday: Shrimp Stirfry
    Sunday: Chicken Scallopini, Mashed Potatoes, Green veggies of some kind.


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