Week 80 Menu

The kids and I made these cookies for our Sunday dessert yesterday.  Too bad I can't eat any of them today.  I'm trying to only eat dessert on Sundays and holidays.  I'm paying myself $1 for every day I don't eat dessert towards a new swimming suit.  These cookies sure were good though.  I posted the recipe a year or two ago, so click here to find it.

Here's my menu for this week:

Monday: french dip, veggies

Tuesday:  chicken rolls w/rice

Wednesday:  enchilada casserole

Thursday:  taco soup

Friday: BBQ chicken sandwiches

Saturday: BBQ chicken pizza, maybe we'll make pizza rollups to make things more interesting

Sunday:  marinated grilled steak, rice (try this marinade)

That's what we're eating this week.  What's on your menu?  Don't forget to post it.  Coming soon -- a great grilling recipe.  Thanks!