Week 72 Menu

Looking for a yummy cookie to make? We made these Chocolate Oatmeal Almost Candy Bars today for our Sunday treat (sans raisins and peanuts). They hit the spot and they made a ton. I need to give some of these away for sure!

This month I've been paying for my groceries with cash, attempting to stay under budget. I've never been very good at this, especially living where we live now. We only have Smith's to shop at, so I'm pretty familiar with what things come on sale and how often it happens. This month there were a few of those sales that I usually stock my cupboards, so with my new "limited" budget I had to control my spending a little. It's been really good for me to pay with cash. It makes me more aware of what I buy. This week's menu includes a lot of stuff that I already have on hand since it's the end of the month and the grocery cash is disappearing.

Monday: chicken caesar pizza

Tuesday: tatortot casserole

Wednesday: chicken tetrazinni

Thursday: easy night, maybe frozen quinoa burritoes

Friday: south-of-the-border chowder

Saturday: green chili chicken pot pie

Sunday: new crockpot dish (recipe from DeAnn that I'm excited to try), mashed potatoes

What's on your menu this week? Thanks (in advance) for sharing! Have a good week.


  1. So how are you liking the cash for groceries? For me, the first month was super hard. I really had to cut back on how much food we bought. But now I love it and won't ever go back to using my debit/credit cards for groceries.

    The chicken caesar pizza on your menu sounds fantastic, but I know my husband would hate it. Maybe I need to make this for a lunch date with some girlfriends. Also, I am excited to add the South of the Border chowder to next week's menu.

    As for this week, here is my menu:

    Monday: Chicken pot pie
    Tuesday: roast in the crockpot
    Wednesday: french dip sandwiches
    Thursday: not sure. maybe leftovers?
    Friday: chicken fajitas
    Saturday: eating out
    Sunday: ham and funeral potatoes

  2. my menus are always up in the air these days, but i will still try to be productive.
    mon:turkey and roast potatoes
    tues:asian chicken salad (recipe you posted)
    wed: grilled cheese and tomato soup
    thurs: chicken salad sandwiches
    fri: easy
    saturday: favorite soup of course
    sunday: crock pot country chicken with mushrooms.


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