Week 71 Menu

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! When I planned my menu last week I thought that a heart-shaped pizza would be good for dinner today. However yesterday I thought maybe that wasn't Sunday-dinner worthy. So, after church today I threw together a quick Valentine's lunch of steak, couscous (and then mashed potatoes because there was a little accident involving a glass breaking which ruined the couscous and the salad), more green salad w/homemade croutons, and fruit and a veggie. Not too bad for not buying any special "valentine meal" groceries.

There are a few repeats on my menu from last week. I didn't plan last week's menu very well.

Monday: hamburgers and baked potato fries

Tuesday:beef or chicken stroganoff w/whole wheat egg noodles

Wednesday: tacos

Thursday: chicken tetrazinni

Friday: broccoli cheese soup

Saturday: PW's BBQ Meatballs w/mashed potatoes

Sunday: lasagna w/1 hour breadsticks

Now it's your turn. Please share what's on your menu this week. Have a good one!