Week 62 Menu and French Toast Waffles

All right, I guess I'll take a break from my huge pile of laundry and from shoveling the snow and plan my menu for the week.

But, first I want to share with you my version of french toast waffles. It's just what it sounds like french toast made in the waffle iron. I used to make my french toast this way when I was little because I liked it really crispy. I made these for my kids the other day and they loved it. It's super easy and makes breakfast (or dinner) a little different.

French Toast Waffles

the perfect egg to milk ratio for french toast is this: 1/4 c. milk to every 1 egg

I usually use 3 eggs and 3/4 c. milk

Dip bread into beaten eggs and milk. Cook in waffle iron. Enjoy!

Now menu time:

Monday: cubed steak w/rice

Tuesday: something easy -- I have to teach piano lessons and then am having a baby shower at my house, maybe chicken broccoli braid w/rice

Wednesday: chicken tetrazinni

Thursday: clam chowder

Friday: Swedish meatballs

Saturday: tacos

Sunday: something in the crockpot, maybe all-day salsa chicken

What are you making this week? If you'd like to, post your menu in the comment section. Check back soon for my easy maple syrup recipe. Have a good one!