Menu Week 59

Do you use fresh parmesan cheese or the stuff in the green can?Okay, so I always use the stuff in the green can. But a few weeks ago I bought a chunk of fresh parm from Sam's Club. Now I don't really know what to use it in. I know there are a million recipes out there that I thought have looked good, but i haven't tried them because I didn't have any fresh parmesan (and I was too cheap to go buy some). Do you have any favorite recipes with fresh parmesan cheese in it that I should try?

Anyway...Here's my menu for this week:

Monday: honey lime enchiladas, trying pork this time

Tuesday: turkey meatballs, maybe w/sweet and sour sauce and rice

Wednesday: chicken rolls, rice a roni

Thursday: Chicken Taco Cornbread Wedges with Ranchero Cilantro Drizzle

Friday: tinfoil dinners if I ever go get a full propane tank, if not, then we'll have tortellini w/some kind of sauce and fresh parmesan cheese

Saturday: eat out

Sunday: crockpot chicken stroganoff

Have a good one. Don't forget to post your menus this week and your parmesan cheese favorites. Thanks!