Week 54 Menu and Kitchen Tip #5

Wow, it's hard getting back into the swing of things after our vacation last week. It was really nice to eat at great restaurants and have a break from cooking. I'm going to try to be realistic while I plan my menu this week and make things that are easy and work with our crazy schedule this week.

Speaking of crazy schedules, my Kitchen Tip for today is a time saver that I haven't taken advantage of until last week. My husband bought me this rice cooker for Christmas last year, but I've only used it to make rice. I read in the manual that it steams vegetables too. So, last week while I was teaching piano lessons I put my rice cooker to work steaming some red potatoes. It worked great -- cooked perfectly! Then I steamed some broccoli and then put all the veggies in the rice cooker and left it on warm until we were ready for dinner. So, my kitchen tip for today is use your rice cooker to steam things other than rice, like veggies!Now on to my menu for this week:

Monday: sloppy joes, oven baked potato chips

Tuesday: tinfoil dinners

Wednesday: chicken manicotti

Thursday: breakfast for dinner, maybe waffles

Friday: mini turkey meatballs, potatoes

Saturday: easy

Sunday: grilled steak and rice (this has been on my menu for a few weeks, maybe I'll make it this week)

All right, there's my menu. If you've planned your menu for this week, please share! Have a good one!