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Week 43 Menu and Grilled Pizza

Have you ever grilled your pizza? I was making dinner the other night and I didn't want to heat up the oven, so I thought I'd grill the pizza instead of turning on the oven. Here's a good link on that I found that explained how to grill pizza.

I made BBQ chicken pizza. So, after I grilled the dough on one side of each mini pizza I spread
BBQ sauce & ranch on the crust, and covered it with grilled chicken, fried turkey bacon, green onions and cheese. Then I put it back on the grill following the directions on MSNBC (turning the heat off of one burner and grilling the pizza for 10 minutes or so. It was pretty good hot off the grill, but I prefer having my pizza baked on a pizza stone. I might make it again on a really hot day.

Anyway...Here's my menu for this week. I didn't make hardly anything off my menu last week, so there are lots of repeats and I'm taking it easy on the weekend.

Monday: Swedish Meatballs w/IKEA gravy and potatoes (didn't make last week)

Tuesday: Crockpot BBQ chicken sandwiches

Wednesday: Cafe Rio Pork Tacos/Salad (I dreamed about making this other night. Hopefully pork is on sale so I can make it.)

Thursday: Sweet and Sour Chicken w/rice

Friday: easy

Saturday: easy

Sunday: easy

So, what are you making this week? Feel free to post your menu, big or small, in the comment section. Have a good week!