Back at It! Week 44 Menu

Hi everyone! Well, real life starts today. All my company is gone and my hubby is at work, so today I better get organized and plan my menu for the week. My baby is such a good baby and my kids are adjusting pretty well, but we'll see how this week is without a grandma here. I might use some of my freezer meals, but I'll try to plan a whole week of menus just in case. Anyway...Here's my menu:

Monday: Parmesan chicken & potatoes

Tuesday: Porcupine meatballs & rice

Wednesday: Tinfoil dinners

Thursday: Chicken Cordon Bleu Bake

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Sunday: Roast & veggies

All right, there's my menu. Now what's on your menu this week? Have a good one and don't forget to post your menu for this week (or what you made last week)!


  1. Welcome back and best wishes juggling. Three are a handful!

    M - Out
    T - Alfredo
    W - Cheeseburger Rice
    TH - Last Minute Chicken Dinner
    F - Crock Pot Stew (a little out of season but, oh well)
    S - Meatloaf
    S - Make ahead Lasagna

  2. we've had that cordon bleu casserole, it's delish. glad your back, i guess i better get with it too.

    m-pizza pockets
    t-grilled pork loin
    w-mashed tatoes and chicken
    f-taco night

  3. Hurray, your back! You deserve a much longer break from cooking, but I've missed your posts. I'm glad things are going well for you. Hurray for good babies...can I have one please...


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