Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tip of the Day: Coupons

Do you love coupons? I do. Today I thought I'd share where I get some of my coupons.

Just go to
and create an account. Then you add coupons and they are attached to your store's loyalty card. This way you don't have to print any coupons and remember to take them to the store with you. One thing that I love is that coupons can be used in addition to coupons that you've clipped and brought to the store with you.

Also, has a ton of great coupons that you can print (like $1 off Nabisco crackers, or lots of other summer foods. Check it out. Hopefully the coupons are not all gone yet.
Happy Coupon Clipping! Check back soon for the yummy cinnamon roll recipe I promised you.

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