Week 26 Menu

Hi everyone! All right, here's my menu for this next week. It's mostly just going to be me and the kids for dinner this week, so it won't be anything fancy. Here it is:

Monday: Rich & Creamy Pasta Bake, breadsticks

Tuesday: Pampered Chef Party at my house -- we're making Mexican Lasagna

Wednesday: hot dogs/hamburgers

Thursday: sweet potato pancakes

Friday: easy night

Saturday: spaghetti

Sunday: frozen Cafe Rio-style pork in either tacos or salad

Okay, that's my not so exciting menu. Hopefully yours are more exciting. What are you making this week?


  1. mmmmm rich and creamy pasta bake. to bad mike won't touch it. rats.

    monday: french toast (homemade bread)
    tuesday: pizza pockets
    wednesday: chicken munster
    thursday: steak sandwiches
    sunday: roast and potatoes
    i'm listing some of the same items because we keep skipping them, not that we are eating the same thing every week. unless you count mike's hotdog night.
    ps i need you to tell me exactly what you eat (when not pregnant) to stay so thin. how do you avoid eating to much? what's your strategy? are you counting calories? or just good at self control. i've gained some weight that is proving very tough to shed. HELP!! don't be modest, tell me your plan!!

  2. You're such an inspiration to me! I actually (somewhat) planned my week! Here goes:

    Monday: twice-baked potatoes, ham
    Wednesday: bakes lemon spaghetti
    Thursday: tuna macaroni salad
    Friday: stroganoff

    That looks like a lot of pasta, but it's what sounded good this morning!


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