Favorite #2

All right, here's another one of my favorite food products:I love ground turkey! I use it in place of hamburger all the time. I usually buy a package at Sam's Club every time I go there (it includes 4 -- 1.2 lb packages). It usually comes out to about $2 a pound. But my favorite thing about it is that it is only 7% fat, so it's pretty lean. I've had ground turkey that had more fat in it and I didn't like it.

Anyway...I use ground turkey in lots of things: taco soup, meatballs, meatloaf, tacos, spaghetti, etc. Sometimes I'll add a little hamburger to the ground turkey, but mostly because my parents supply us with lots of beef (since my dad raises a few calves every year and my parents are kind enough to share with us!).

What do you make with ground turkey?


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