Tip of the Day -- Aah, The Smell of Bacon

I found this lovely picture of bacon here.

Do you love frying bacon (or onions too), but hate how your house smells like it forever afterwards? Here's a tip to try, plug in your electric skillet outside on your patio or back porch and fry your bacon (or onions). After it is cooked, let the skillet cool outside, then bring it inside and wash it.

I tried this last week when I made baked potato soup and it worked great! We had crispy, yummy bacon without the smell. Give it a try!


  1. Great idea, but I do love the smell of bacon in the morning, dragging me out of bed. Of course I'm always doing the cooking, not the one being dragged. Bummer.

    (Cooking FISH outside is a great idea, too!)


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