Week 19 Menu and new cookbooks

I took the last few weeks off from posting my menus. I actually didn't have to cook last week since we were visiting family. The week of Christmas, my family came to visit, so I actually cooked everyday and planned a menu, but didn't post it.

It's nice to be home and have things get back to normal. So, here's my menu this week:

Monday: mini turkey meatloaves, twice baked potatoes

Tuesday: chicken alfredo pasta

Wednesday: sweet and sour baked chicken, rice

Thursday: chicken tacos or navajo tacos

Friday: chicken alfredo pizza

Saturday: spaghetti

Sunday: crockpot chicken stew

What's on your menu this week?

My mom and my sister each gave me some great cookbooks. Just wanted to share my new favorites.

My sweet sister gave me these great Williams-Sonoma cookbooks. I love just reading the recipes and looking at the pictures.
My mom gave me this recipe book. It's great and has great ideas about menu planning. Check out her website: thefoodnanny.com.

And, Dave gave me a rice cooker for Christmas! I'm really excited to try it. I've struggled making rice the last little while. It's usually a little crunchy.