Week 17 Menu and Homemade Tortillas

Hi everyone! Before I get to my menu, I just wanted to share a link to a yummy homemade tortilla recipe that I tried today. I've made tortillas in the past, but the results haven't been very good. These tortillas however were really yummy and easy to roll out. Mine weren't perfect circles, but they still tasted good. Check out the recipe at the Sisters' Cafe. I made mine half wheat half white and no one complained about the wheat.

And, for my obsession this week. . . . bagels!
(Not my picture. . . Got it here from google images.) Anyway...At my local Smith's they have really yummy green chili cheese bagels that make awesome turkey and cheese bagel sandwiches. I splurged and bought a few this week and have enjoyed my lunches immensely. Maybe someday I'll try making my own bagels. Have you ever made a bagel? Any tips would be appreciated.

Okay, so onto my menu. I'm not very inspired right now, that bagel sandwich looks really good. Maybe we'll just have those everyday. Here's my menu:

Monday: spaghetti

Tuesday: breakfast, either french toast, waffles or pancakes

Wednesday: baked chicken and rice casserole

Thursday: I have to help with our Christmas Enrichment dinner, so Dave's on his own.

Friday: all-day salsa chicken

Saturday: soup of some kind, maybe I'll try this one

Sunday: roast and potatoes

So, what are you making this week?