Week 14 Menu

Wow! It's week 14 already? Crazy! This last weekend was a nice break from being at home. We took a little trip to Colorado to go to the BYU/Air Force football game. I've had enough McDonald's and Taco Bell to last me for a while, so I'm excited to make some meals this week. This week's menu is going to be simple and catered to the kids mostly. Here's my menu:

Monday: chicken rolls and rice

Tuesday: apple cinnamon waffles or pancakes

Wednesday: spaghetti

Thursday: half-price happy meals at McDonalds (we'll see how good the kids are and how lazy I feel....)

Friday: quiche

Saturday: BYU vs Utah football game party

Sunday: chicken noodle soup


  1. i got all ambitious this week and have a couple newbies to try. we'll see if i actually have time to do it.

    monday:broccoli cheese soup and bread (never made it last week)

    tues: orange shrimp from PW website.

    wed:munster chicken

    thurs:game night? hamburgers

    fri: sweet and sour meatballs(didn't do this one either)

    sat: easy night

    sunday: spaghetti

  2. Dave would hate our menu this week! We cooked a turkey this weekend (it is obvious??)

    Monday: Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing

    Tuesday: Turkey pot pie

    Wednesday:Tortilla cigars

    Thursday: Leftovers

    Friday: eat on the road (picking up Derek and heading to CD)

    Saturday: at Mom and Dad's

    Sunday: Ravioli

  3. We've got the same thing planned for tonight! Great minds think alike...

    Mon - Chicken Rolls
    Tues - Breakfast
    Wed - Chicken Tacos
    Thurs - Roast Beef sandwiches (never had French Dip last week)
    Fri - Taco Bake
    Sat - Leftovers
    Sun - Chicken and Rice

  4. Hey I'm back! Maggie, what exactly is munster chicken?

    Monday: Nachos
    Tuesday: Ham Casserole
    Wednesday: Chicken Enchiladas
    Thursday: Chicken Scallopini
    Friday: Something Easy--Derek's gone till Sunday night
    Saturday: Pizza for the Game
    Sunday: Buckwheat Crepes with egg filling

  5. mmmmmmm munster chicken is scrumptious! it you like mushrooms that is

    4 chicken breasts boneless skinless
    1/2 pkg. button mushrooms
    4 slices munster cheese
    chicken broth

    slice chicken breasts almost in half. stuff with mushrooms and close slit. top with more sliced mushrooms then a slice of munster. place in 9X13 baking dish, fill dish with chicken broth until bottom is just covered. bake at 375 for 30 to 35 minutes or until chicken is done.


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