Week 12 Menu

Happy Monday! I'm starting to feel the effects from all the candy I've eaten this weekend. Maybe I should go do some sit-ups. Anyway...

For all you chicken enchilada lovers out there, I recommend trying the Chicken Enchiladas with Roasted Tomatillo Chile Salsa (from Tyler Florence's Ultimate on the Food Network). I made them last week and we really liked them. They are a nice change from the cream cheese filled chicken enchilada versions that I made way too many times when we were first married. I only made 1/2 the recipe using the bigger size flour tortillas and I'm still eating them for lunch.

Here's my menu this week:

Monday: BBQ chicken pizza

Tuesday: roast and potatoes

Wednesday: easy night, probably french toast

Thursday: french dip sandwiches

Friday: chicken manicotti

Saturday: Cafe Rio style pork tacos

Sunday: leftovers? or something in the crockpot

So, what are you making this week?

Here's a picture of my new kitchen gadget (okay, this isn't my picture, but it's the same thing). Dave bought me an apple/slicer/peeler at a garage sale on Saturday. I love it! Whenever we are at my in-laws and use theirs I always wish that I had one. The kids want to eat more apples when they are sliced in curly-q's. Anyway...Have a good one!


  1. This is the first week I've remembered to post my menu. Thanks for the tips Jenny!
    Mon - Hamburgers with homemade wheat buns
    Tues - Haystacks
    Wed - Foil dinners
    Thurs - Easy Cheesy Chicken Bake
    Fri - French Dip
    Sat - Leftovers
    Sun - Roast

  2. i think you should make people post their recipes too. even though that is a pain. jk

    monday- cafe rio
    tuesday- austin's b-day dinner
    wednesday- broccoli cheese soup, homemade bread
    thursday-chicken parmesan and pasta bake
    saturday-somethin' easy
    sunday - roast and potatoes, and roasted carrots
    i love this jenny! thanks for the fab idea! next week i'm tryin' enchiladas!

  3. ps how sweet of dave to buy you a cool gadget. he scores some good husband points!

  4. Monday: BBQ Chicken Pizza & Salad
    Tuesday: Homemade Mac 'n Cheese, Cal. Veggies, Applesauce
    Wednesday: Chicken Soup with Lentils & Barley, rolls
    Thursday: Quiche, applesauce
    Friday: Porcupine Meatballs & Rice, stirfry vegetables
    Saturday: Pumpkin Soup & Pork Chops
    Sunday: Leftovers

  5. Sounds like a great week to eat at your house! I love that the enchilada recipe includes deli roasted chicken. I seem to be using that more and more!


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