Week 10 Menu

All right, time to plan another week of menus. I'm not feeling all that motivated to cook. I guess I just want to finish off that cheesecake that is in my fridge instead of making dinner. But, here's my menu for this week:

Monday: Munster chicken (thanks Mags for the recipe -- I'm exciting to try it), fried potatoes

Tuesday: Chicken Parmesan with Rose Sauce (thanks again, Mags for the ideas!)

Wednesday: BBQ chicken and rice

Thursday: Beef stroganoff w/egg noodles

Friday: Hawaiian Haystacks (can you believe I've never made these?)

Saturday: easy night

Sunday: Black Bean Salsa Chicken w/tortillas

Okay, so I just wracked my brain trying to think of those seven menus. What are you making this week? Or what did you make last week?


  1. let's see... monday we had breakfast.

    tues: i tried PW's new creamy potato recipe yum!! and we had roast beef au jus sandwiches and homemade pudding (missionaries)

    wed:oh i'm full i can't think...um
    a very light soup, maybe broccoli cheese and bread
    thurs: bbq chicken pizza

    fri: easy night

    sat: ward party... hey mike are we going or not?

    sun: spaghetti

  2. I made a little chalkboard to hang in my kitchen with the week's menu on it. It's fun. Right now it lists Thai Coconut Soup, Bisquits & Gravy, Fattoush, Ratatouille, and Blueberry Cobbler. Happy cooking and eating!

  3. what is a hawaiian haystack?!?!? im curious.

    i usually never plan my meals... EVER! haha

    i start my days off with vanilla protein milkshakes, have some dried fruit and nuts, have a banana with peanut butter + raisins + chocolate chips, and some yogurt if i'm hungry later.

    on some days, i actually cook though. the keyword being "some"

  4. Mags -- Thanks for posting your menu. Did you make it to the ward party? I love your BBQ chicken pizza. Delish!

    Pixiepine -- Thanks for visiting and sharing your menu. A chalkboard is a fun idea!

    Joanna -- A hawaiian haystack is rice covered with a chicken gravy then topped with toppings. I had to google it to find an actual recipe. We had it a lot growing up.


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