Week 6 Menu

All right, well I'm back in the kitchen ready for another week of cookin'. I didn't cook much this week (aside from making all those yummy cookies) because my hubby was out of town. We had lots of easy kid friendly fare. I didn't make many of my menus from last week, so don't mind the repeats. Here's my menu for this next week:

leftover Korean Fire Meat (kind of an Asian-flavored roast) sandwich
pasta salad


mini turkey meatloaves
potato pancakes (find recipe here)

chicken tetrazzini
garlic bread

Swedish meatballs
mashed potatoes w/IKEA gravy & lingonberry

hubby is cookin' -- I'll be watching the General Relief Society Broadcast

Rich & Creamy Pasta Bake (that I have in the freezer)
rolls or breadsticks

Time to post your menus for this week or post what you ate last week. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Hey the white chili was a hit! It was tasty and my favorite was it was really easy :)
    Thanks again

  2. Okay, I'm so excited because this week the thought of food is actually exciting instead of sickening. I think I'm almost through with the morning sickness!
    So here's this week's menu (some of it already in the past):

    Monday: Panda Express
    Tuesday: Florentine Shells
    Wednesday: Chili rice
    Thursday: Quick Pizza Margherita (link here for recipe: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/recipe.php?recipeId=2283)
    Friday: It's Father and Son's night, so I'll probably just have a frozen pot pie or something.
    Saturday: Mole Chicken
    Sunday: Cheddar and Broccoli Soup in Bread bowls


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