Week 2 Menus -- starting 8/25/08

All right, here's my next week's menus. Go ahead and post your menus in the comment area. If you don't know what you're going to make this week tell me what you made last week. I'm all about getting new menu ideas!

**I didn't end up making all of my menus from last week, so I have a few repeats.

Monday -- chicken salad pitas (find my recipe here)
Tuesday -- tacos
Wednesday -- chicken chimichangas
Thursday -- spaghetti with turkey meatballs
Friday -- pineapple sesame chicken w/rice & veggies (find the recipe here)
Saturday -- it's the 1st BYU football game of the season, so we'll probably grill or have pizza
Sunday -- crockpot chicken stroganoff

Okay, that was kind of a struggle trying to figure out what to make this week. I guess I need some help!