Week 157 Menu

Can you believe that it's Thanksgiving this week?  Crazy!

My kindergartener told his teacher that we're having steak for Thanksgiving.  She asked if she could come, so of course he said yes, and gave her surprisingly good directions to our house.  Unfortunately we are out of steaks until my dad buys some more beef cows. :)

We're hanging out at home this year for Thanksgiving.  This will be my fifth turkey (I think, or maybe sixth) that I've cooked, so hopefully it will be delicious.  All my past turkey experiences have been yummy!

Here's our menu this week:

Monday:  broccoli chicken stovetop casserole

Tuesday:  slow cooker pumpkin chili

Wednesday:  Asian BBQ Chicken, fried rice, veggies

Thursday: I'm making turkey, stuffing, gravy, cloud light crescent rolls, green beans, red hot jello, pumpkin pie and chocolate pie (my sweet aunt will be bringing some food too)

Friday:  turkey noodle soup, w/leftover rolls after we find the perfect Christmas tree

Saturday: leftovers

Sunday:  leftovers

Check out my HOLIDAY tab to find all my Thanksgiving recipes.  Have a happy Thanksgiving!